Olo KřížováPreciosa Design lab


Meet Preciosa’s new Head of Design & Trends, Olo Křížová, and the woman behind Preciosa’s S/S 2018 collection.

What is the collection about?

Like every season, we want to showcase the enduring beauty and versatility of Czech crystal. This particular collection marks a new chapter in Preciosa’s story, which will be more fashion-driven. The timelessness of our product allows us to showcase these pieces in a fresh, contemporary way, for which we have chosen this season’s theme: Aurora.

Why Aurora?

Aurora is the goddess of the dawn and, in a sense, new beginnings. Not only does this harmonise with our story, but also the aesthetic qualities of the collection. Our choice of beautiful, feminine colours and patterns reflect the qualities of our idea of a contemporary goddess: real women who wake up every morning all over the world and, ready or not, conquer whatever lies ahead.

Can we expect to see many crystals on the S/S 2018 catwalks?

Crystals are a highly specialised luxury product, which are not suitable for every brand. However, there is an inherent value in the craftsmanship and timeless elegance of crystals that is still relevant and widely respected by the fashion industry. The S/S 2018 season will be about the juxtaposition of entirely new experiences with traditional heritage; it will be a cross-cultural dialogue and the connections upheld between people and their cultures as we move into an age increasingly dominated by technology.

Do you see new uses for crystals in fashion?

Sure – as true creatives, we have to expand beyond traditional applications and imagine crystals being incorporated into new materials and technology.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I draw my inspiration from my daily life, which gives me the strongest impulse to create. I am very visual and very emotional. Art, film, dance and music all talk to me through my senses and go straight to my heart.

Which designer surprised you this season?

This is not an easy question. For S/S 2017, I was most impressed by Balenciaga and Rick Owens’ rather artistic collection.

What is your favourite piece from Preciosa’s new collection?

I love the hand-placed crystals on the denim, (the look inspired by Paris). Travel is important to my work, which is a huge inspiration for me. For this collection, the textiles represented the world’s metropolises and the crystals the life bustling within them.

What does your typical working day look like?

Designers are constantly working on several projects for different segments at all times, which is very dynamic and can be rather intense. We must also consult with almost every other department, for example, the Sales Department to determine how our customers will most likely use the products we design.

What is your favourite crystal to work with?

I love Chessboard flatback stones, especially in ‘Jet’, and our beads, particularly the MC Bead Round – Rich Cut and MC Bead Oat. They remind me of my grandmother – she had many beautiful glass jewellery pieces. I remember admiring the delicate beauty of each of the beads.

I love the entire range of colours, but the colour I love the most is from this collection, ‘Light Smoked Topaz’, which reminds me of dawn. From the current standard range, I like the sophisticated reflection of ‘Burgundy’ and the softness of ‘Crystal Honey’.