Light Smoked TopazNew cOlour

Like Paris, the new, natural ‘Light Smoked Topaz’ is always an elegant choice. Inspired by the French capital’s avant-garde, yet sophisticated attitude toward fashion, this piece reconciles the synthetic, edgy feel of denim with the natural beauty of the topaz.

This new colour is available in our MC Chaton MAXIMA and MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA stones. Adhering to the highest environmental standards, the new stone is suitable for gluing, hot-fix and is available in settings.

Crystal SunriseNew COATING

With its rich history and effortless cool, Milan is the inspiration behind this striking showcase of the new ‘Crystal Sunrise’ coating.

‘Crystal Sunrise’ is available in our MC Chaton MAXIMA and MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA stones and our MC Heart MAXIMA 1H.

MC Rhombus FBNew Shape

Inspired by New York’s iconic Art Deco architecture and the day-to-night functionality of American streetwear, this piece demonstrates the geometric design possibilities achieved with the MC Rhombus FB and its stunning visual impact when applied to textile.

The MC Rhombus FB is available in two colours, ‘Jet’ and ‘Crystal’ with the AB coating.

Livada CabochonLimited edition

Like the calm mist hovers over the Vltava River as the first rays of light hit upon Prague’s one hundred spires, the hand-made limited edition ‘Livada’ stone invokes the serenity that accompanies dawn with its cool tones accented with flecks of gold. 

The ‘Livada’ is available in four sizes and settings with and without loops for a limited time only.

Reyna CabochonLimited edition

Crafted and coloured by hand, the limited edition ‘Reyna’ pays homage to the stunning Emirati-style domed architecture and exciting, intricate patterns.

The ‘Reyna’ is available in two colours and two sizes for a limited time only.

Nacre PearlsNEW Quality

Known for its unequalled, exquisite pearls, Shanghai exudes a heady, captivating mystique as do these pieces featuring the new Nacre Pearls, which are now part of the premium quality ‘MAXIMA by Preciosa’ line and available in new colour, ‘Pearlescent White’.


Preciosa's DesignLab is bringing our centuries-old Bohemian tradition into a new era. Through the incorporation of art and function into our creations, we are changing how people and the fashion industry perceive and utilize crystal components.

Olo Křížová

Olo KřížováPreciosa Design Lab

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Boris Hanečka

Boris HanečkaFashion Designer

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